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Volunteer with COGGS

We do fun stuff. Mostly outdoors. 

COGGS is a volunteer run organization. It's COGGS volunteers that make everything happen. Multiple projects throughout the year need additional volunteers to contribute time and expertise. Whether it's trail maintenance, event logistics, committee partners or community outreach, there are many places for folks to get involved. Literally everyone has skills we can use.


That includes you. COGGS would love your help. 




Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Upcoming volunteer opportunities, mostly trail work and events, are posted on our COGGS Facebook page. During the summer there are trail work evenings at each major trail center across town. It's a fun way to get involved and give back to the trail systems we all love to use. You can also contact board@coggs.com for additional opportunities, such as COGGS Board seats and various committee positions. ​Everyone has skills. Join us!

Current Volunteers: You Rock!

A HUGE thanks to all of our existing volunteers. We simply could not run this organization, and would not have our incredible trail system, without you. You get the work done, and keep it fun. Thank you for volunteering! 

Log Your Volunteer Hours

If you've helped COGGS, please log your volunteer hours. It takes less than a minute! Your efforts are very valuable to COGGS, not only for what you did volunteering, but also the financial equivalent of the time you spent volunteering (~$24.83 per hour) can often be doubled through matching grants dollars. COGGS community partners and sponsors also are very interested in the time invested by COGGS members and COGGS supporters since it is a great gauge of community support for COGGS as a whole.

Business Supporters

Here are a few businesses that provide volunteers and volunteer support to COGGS. Consider a volunteer workday on the trails for your business. It's a great team builder for your employees, and good outdoor exercise. Contact board@coggs.com for details.