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Current Opportunities

COGGS is a volunteer run organization. It's COGGS volunteers that make everything happen. Multiple projects throughout the year need additional volunteers to contribute time and expertise. Whether it's trail maintenance, event logistics, committee partners or community outreach, there are many places for folks to get involved. Literally everyone has skills we can use.


That includes you. COGGS would love your help. 

Board and Committee Volunteer Opportunities


There are always critical volunteer positions open either directly on the COGGS Board of Directors, or a specific committees. We also need folks to help with our events and community outreach. It's fun work, and you'll meet great people with a variety of backgrounds. Here are the current opportunities:

Current Board Position Openings

These are critical roles that help define and guide our organization. Board terms are up to 3 years. Board meetings are 1x monthly. 

Current Committee Position Openings


Trail Work Volunteer Opportunities


We continually need motivated people to help build and maintain our trail network. There are dozens of opportunities all summer long, with a huge variety of required skill sets. If you like to be outside, work hard, meet new people and have a good time doing it - trail work is for you. The volunteer trail crews make up the heart and soul of COGGS. There are opportunities across Duluth, based around each major trail center. Email volunteer@coggs.com to get involved.

Specific Trail Volunteer Needs​

  • Weed whippers - Flexible time requirements. Equipment and training provided. 

  • Trail corridor clearing - debris pickup, moving small rocks, small fallen branches/trees, etc. 

  • Leaf blowing - September/October/November timeframe. This extends the season and makes for safer trails. Flexible time requirements. Equipment and training provided.  

NEW! COGGS Adopt-A-Trail Program

Have you ever considered adopting a section of trail? COGGS has identified 23 different sections along the entire Duluth Traverse ranging in length from roughly 1-2 miles. Most sections can be maintained by a single person, but this is also a great opportunity for sponsoring businesses, an organization or groups of people. This is an excellent way to get your team, your family, or yourself outdoors and perform some critical volunteer work. This work is a safe and enjoyable trail experience. Email coordinator@coggs.com for more information.

Sign up for the Trail Crew Volunteer e-mail here


A waiver is required for all volunteer trail work. Download a waiver here

Current Volunteers - Log Your Hours

A HUGE thanks to all of our existing volunteers. We simply could not run this organization, and would not have our incredible trail system, without you. You get the work done, and keep it fun. Thank you for volunteering! 

Log Your Volunteer Hours

If you've helped COGGS, please log your volunteer hours. It takes less than a minute! Your efforts are very valuable to COGGS, not only for what you did volunteering, but also the financial equivalent of the time you spent volunteering (~$24.83 per hour) can often be doubled through matching grants dollars. COGGS community partners and sponsors also are very interested in the time invested by COGGS members and COGGS supporters since it is a great gauge of community support for COGGS as a whole.

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