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Spirit Mountain Trail Report (Official)


Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced


Trail Length: Lots of Gravity

Location: Grand Avenue Chalet Parking, Duluth MN

Directions: Although trail access is available at the Adventure Park near the top of Spirit Mountain, tickets, parking, etc. are located at the Riverside Chalet located on Grand Avenue (HWY 23).

Sprung-a-Leek – Easiest: Machine built trail providing the easiest access to the lower trailheads.  Sprung-a-Leek has berms, beginner rock faces and boardwalks with multiple advanced b-lines.  The b-lines offer steep roll overs and possible drops. With so many options to ride, Sprung a Leak can be different every time down.

Happy Camper – Easiest: 4700’ long, machine built flow trail, Happy Camper, is our most beginner friendly trail featuring lots of rollers and berms. Perfect for your first adventure into gravity based mountain biking.  On days when the lift is not running and trails are open, Happy Camper is the return trail to top. 
B-Lines - More Difficult: The top section of Happy Camper includes optional "B-Lines."  These lines have large jumps, rollers, and berms.  Follow the signs to remain on the easiest line down or to choose the more difficult free ride options of the trail.


Candyland – Easiest: 4600’ long, machine built flow trail this trail bridges the gap between beginner gravity rider and intermediate. Candyland features more defined rollers and jumps and the berms get a little bit tighter. It is the perfect trail to progress your riding! Beginners who have mastered Happy Camper will find this trail a bit more challenging while more advanced riders will find many opportunities to catch a little air. A true crowd pleaser, Candyland was named a model flow trail by the International Mountain Bike Association in 2013.


Smorgasbord – Difficult/ Intermediate: 4700’ of true intermediate, downhill single track. Smorgasbord, as the name suggests, truly has a little bit of it all—high-speed fire road, rock gardens, jumps, drops, wood features—all packed into one downhill trail.


Blaster – More Difficult/ Advanced: 900’ Blaster is a more difficult, downhill single-track trail filled with rocks and steep slopes. Experienced riders only.


Wild Cat – More Difficult / Advanced: 1000’ of fun! Wild Cat is an advanced, free ride trail. Features include: steep rock faces, drops, and jumps. Several spots feature optional lines for you to choose your own adventure—some are more difficult then others—but all sure to test your bike handling skills and put a smile on your face. Experienced riders only.


Wrecking Ball – More Difficult / Advanced: A hand built single track, this downhill trail is tight and fast, filled with rock faces and tight trees that keep you on your game. Experienced riders only.


Calculated Risk – Most Difficult / Expert: 3500’ Calculated Risk is an expert level downhill trail with large jumps and lots of rock. This trail features the highest level of difficulty on the hill. Big high-speed jumps and high consequence rock faces give this trail its expert rating. Experienced riders only.


Boss Hog – Most Difficult / Expert: Expert level short jump trail with gap jumps. 6-8′ gaps. No user-friendly ride around.

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