COGGS Volunteer of the Month: Jan 2021


Brian Koczur!

Brian was nominated because “his schedule doesn't allow him to typically join the organized work nights, but that doesn't stop him from being arguably the most productive volunteer in Lester. He's a one-man army when it comes to maintaining the trails in Lester, from weed whipping, leaf blowing, hauling material, and fixing chronic problem areas, to off-trail tasks like organizing material drops and tweeting trail openings/closures.”

Brian’s best bike crash was… “Best crash was by far my over the bars at Mont Du Lac in the enduro series a couple years ago. I was looking ahead at a jump, and totally neglected to address the roller in front of me, and hit it fast, while fully seated. I didn't know I was in trouble till everything was upside down, and it seemed like forever to stop tumbling and sliding.”

Brian’s favorite volunteering memory is… “I love the summer maintenance work, especially hardening soft spots, or cutting down trees, but so far nothing beats fat bike snow grooming. Out alone at night, getting to operate a machine where they usually are not allowed, knowing that in the morning there will be a fast firm line to ride, that's my favorite. I've also had lots of fun making and trying different drags and tools to try and solve the problems of ever changing snow and use conditions. I think it's also one of the best ways COGGS reaches all the users of our trails. I know for a fact many of my non biking neighbors appreciate being able to go for a walk all winter long on a smooth, reliable surface. It's very apparent what's being groomed and what isn't. Fixing a mud hole is less obvious, and when it works the way it should, nobody knows there was ever a problem.”

Thank you Brian for everything you have done for our trails! We Appreciate it and you very much!!

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