COGGS Volunteer of the Month: April 2021


Molly Shoberg

Molly was nominated because she is one of the MASTERMINDS behind the maps! She is the reason we all know where we are on the trails!

What trail system do you volunteer with? “Any and all COGGS trails that need a map!”

What is your favorite place to bike? “It is difficult to pick because I love it all for different reasons but Mission Creek will always win my heart.”

What is your favorite bike crash story/ best bike adventure story/ best day of biking? “Back in 2013 we did a road trip out to Moab, Utah with a crew of friends whom I was just getting to know at the time. At the start of the day out on Amasa Back, I crashed while riding at the back of the pack. Upon the fall my face landed on a rock and the frame of my sunglasses made a cut just above my eye. I was pretty shook up about it and my fiance at the time was pretty far up ahead on the trail. Fortunately, I was riding right behind Katie Olson, an ER nurse! After she patched me up, I got my nerves back and we hit it hard the rest of the day all the way to the end of Pothole Arch and back. Turned out to be a full day of riding and I didn't even need stitches!”

What is your favorite memory volunteering with COGGS and why do you volunteer with COGGS? “My favorite memory of volunteering was to see the new large format map at the Chambers Grove Trailhead. I worked with Matt Andrews at City of Duluth on this and I was excited it turned out well! I volunteer with COGGS because I have a passion for outdoor silent sports and making maps. I enjoy combining those interests in a way that contributes to the benefit of others to recreate in Duluth safely and sustainably so that we can all enjoy the sport today and tomorrow.”

Thank you Molly for all the work you do behind the scenes to make COGGS and Duluth a top rated bike town!

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