Safe Trails: COVID-19 Protocols

Photo Credit: Hansi Johnson

We expect Twin Ports trails to be good 'n busy this summer. Given that the coronavirus (COVID-19) isn't going anywhere anytime soon, it bears reiterating the basic trail user protocols and noting some available resources.

Safe Trails: Give Trail Users Space

These concepts are lifted from the City of Duluth Parks and Rec recommendations for safety outdoors.

  • Maintain minimum six-foot social distances

  • Do not congregate in large groups

  • Give riders good space ahead of you. Wait a couple minutes if possible between groups. Maximize space as possible.

  • Minimize contact with high-touch surfaces such as benches, tables, and trash cans.

  • Select alternatives to crowded trails, or choose to ride at off-peak times

  • Ride to nearby parks rather than driving to more distant trails across town

  • Refrain from using parks or trails if exhibiting COVID symptoms

  • Be prepared for the absence of public restrooms, trash receptacles, water fountains, and protection from the elements

  • Wash hands as directed by the CDC prior to and after visiting parks

  • Visit by yourself or with others in your household

  • Obey all closures and restrictions

  • While on trails, make your presence known and step aside to let others pass, giving other trail users a wide berth

COVID-19 Resources

  1. The City of Duluth Parks and Rec page is full of good information

  2. State of MN COVID page has a good dashboard

  3. CDC COVID page

  4. CDC Parks page

  5. IMBA COVID resources page

  6. PinkBike COVID trail user video

Final Note: Expect Reduced City Services

The City of Duluth has been hit hard by the financial downturn caused by the pandemic. Basic city services we have come to take for granted will likely NOT be possible. What does that mean for trails? COGGS will need more volunteers for trail maintenance, weed whipping and trail work. Also, there are trash cans notably missing from some trailheads. This would be a great time to limit your trash overall, and bring your picnic waste home. Consider bringing a garbage bag to pick up trash as possible.

There are bound to be other issues. It's going to be a strange summer. Roll with it best you can. Enjoy the ride. Stay healthy.

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