Dawn Patrol: The quest for coffee

Start Early

Outdoor enthusiasts everywhere seek reprieve from the long Winter’s cabin fever. We crave

a connection to the outside world. For us here in Minnesota these cravings are an annual

occurrence with each coming Spring. We MTBers do our best to balance this with the annual single track closures due to the spring thaw. Rest assured, there are still plenty of options for getting outside. One of the best excuses to do this: Get out and enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee at sunrise.

Right now in Duluth, first light occurs around 5:30am. Sunrise occurs a little after 6am.

Packing the night before, rolling out of bed around 5am, and hopping on the bike at first light is easily doable. The roads will be quiet. Birds are chirping. It feels like you have the world to yourself.

Choose a scenic destination. A vista view, somewhere along Skyline Parkway, or a shoreline

excursion to Park Point, Grassy Point, or Munger Landing. The promise of hot coffee and a morning snack keeps you going!

What’s in the bag?

  • insulated french press

  • local coffee, grind it at home before you leave (cause smashing beans with your chain tool takes FOREVER.)

  • camp stove

  • favorite mug

  • *bottle of water

(*Pro-tip: boil water at home and put in a thermos for faster boiling time)

Ideas for Coffee prep methods:

  1. Aeropress (New Go edition is extra packable)

  2. French Press (Steel travels better than glass, but glass wrapped in a sweatshirt works too)

  3. Instant (Yeah yeah)

  4. Thermos of pre-brewed at home

  5. Cowboy Coffee (#nofilter)

  6. Pour over filter

Finding your ideal location to welcome the day with the morning sun, participating in the ritual of

brewing a cup of coffee, seeing the migratory birds doing their thing - it’s a great reminder that the world moves on. Life continues to flourish even during these uncertain times.

Get out there and get after it!

Check out #adventurecoffee for ‘grams and post you own!

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