Trail Etiquette 201: Be Good to your WINTER Trails

Despite the up and down temps, and the various types of precipitation, we finally have a solid snow base for winter trail riding and exploration. The COGGS grooming crew has been out in force to mint out the trails after fresh snow, and during warm-ups to pack trails. There is defiantly some good riding to be had out there. Bundle up and get after it.

COGGS has developed this infographic for all trail users to explain proper trail etiquette on groomed trails.

COGGS winter trail use etiquette. Fat biking Duluth MN

Basically it's pretty simple:

  • Don't ride right after the groomer if possible. Let the trails set up.

  • Really low pressure on your fat bike tires is good! 4 PSI or lower if possible.

  • If you are sinking into the trail, by foot or tire, it's time to bail. It's too warm.

  • If you want to hike, use snowshoes unless the trail is super firm.

Lastly, studded tires are expensive but a really good idea. They give you a little more ammo against those unseen ice spots. Visit a local shop and check them out.

Bundle up and get out there! See you on the trails.

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