Trail Crew Season Review: Piedmont

Piedmont was originally designed and built in 2007 and the Piedmont Volunteer Trail Crew has been re-building it ever since. To date, we have completely redone over 90% of the original 11 miles. This year we wrapped up some of the last big projects that were holding Piedmont back from reaching its full potential.

The Deerslayer

The most lengthy project was a complete remodel of the Deerslayer trail. This trail was often wet, and was seeing the fewest riders overall. We did several hundred feet of rerouting the trail from wet, flat areas to sidehills and also built a few boardwalks.

Merrit Creek

Our final project of the year was a redo of the beginning of the Merritt Creek loop. Recent years we have done reroutes in the middle and end of Merritt to better incorporate the plethora of bedrock available. We decided to do the same at the beginning and now the entire loop has a similar character of janky, old school trail.

Other Projects

The other main projects that we worked on was changing the east end of Upper Burner from double track to singletrack, adding a B line off of NIMBY, improved water management of the start of Foxx Rocks, moved the seasonal causeway connecting Deerslayer-Lower Burner and made it a permanent boardwalk. On the Brewer Park side we did some speed maintaining reroutes on The Kissing Booth to really open that rail up into a non-stop ripper. Oh, and we built a lot of jumps. Some of them were better than others.

The Iron Man

Lastly, one of our Trail Stewards, Kim Craven, completed his 3rd straight season without missing a single Thursday build session. Kim is the Cal Ripken Jr. of trail building!

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