Trails Closed for Freeze/Thaw

Howdy folks. Attention all riders, joggers, doggie walkers. It's that time of the year in Duluth again; the time when the weather warms up and we stare at our bikes, tennis shoes and our doggie's floppy ears. We all want to get outside with t-shirts on because it warmed up to 45 degrees! Time to hit the DT, right?

Wrong! Please stay off the wet, muddy trails.

Why? Riding on soft tails leaves ruts, ruts hold water which prevents proper drainage. When the trails can't drain, they stay closed longer. Vicious cycle eh? Same goes with footprints. Joggers & walkers, here's a good rule: if you have to wear your rain boots on the trail because you don't want your shoes to get muddy, you should not be on the trail:-)

"Yeah, but my dog bites my pant leg because he wants to chase chipmunks at Lester!" and "But that big, hot yellow thing in the sky is shining, and I saw my bike move by itself. That means I can ride at Mission Creek." or "My 5 month old running shoes are like new because all I do is run on a treadmill. I need to run at Piedmont."

Sorry Duluthians, we're in the thick of the freeze/thaw cycle so let's all stay off the trails until further notice. Be kind and check and/or Facebook for up-to-date trail conditions. The COGGS trail maintenance crew thanks you in advance!

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