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Orientation & Trail System Overview

Map and trail system overview

Duluth, Minnesota - a recreational Mecca

Duluth MN is a four-season city with 11,000 acres of green space alongside Lake Superior, With over 100 parks and miles and miles of trails, Duluth is a mecca for outdoor recreation and exploration. Find out more at

  • 129 Parks

  • 11,000 acres of green space

  • 6,834 acres of City parkland

  • 10 miles of horseback trail

  • 30 miles paved, and 16 miles gravel accessible trail

  • 38 miles (61k) of cross-country ski trail

  • Over 150 miles of natural surface hiking trail!

  • 89 miles of bike-optimized singletrack trail!

The Duluth Traverse Trail System

Showcasing the glacial bedrock that creates the short but steep shoreline of Lake Superior, the Duluth Traverse mountain bike trail threads along the entire city of Duluth, MN. Over 30 miles of spine trail connects the 5 main trail centers and neighborhood routes. With over 90 total miles of trail, there is something for everyone: from smooth flow lines in Mission Creek; lift serviced, downhill runs at Spirit Mountain Bike Park; technical, rocky descents in Piedmont; to old school, rooty XC trail in Hartley, and everything between. 


Established over 25 years through dedicated community building, the Duluth trails are never more than half a mile from any neighborhood! Come find your favorite trail and stop in for a cold one in one of many local breweries.

For all these reasons Duluth, MN was established as one of only seven IMBA Gold Level ride centers in the world. We are extremely proud of this designation and have worked hard to earn it. 

For a good overview of each trail center, see the City of Duluth MTB page, or explore the pages below:

  1. Lester Park Trail Center

  2. Hartley Trail Center

  3. Piedmont & Brewer Trail Center

  4. Spirit Mountain Trail Center

  5. Mission Creek Trail Center

  6. Pokegama Trails, Superior WI

Be Safe



  1. Share the trail. All COGGS trails are open to human-powered non-motorized trail use. This means our trails see plenty of use from hikers, runners, dog walkers, birders, and anything else you can imagine. Share the trail. Be considerate of other users and give them priority and wide berth. 

  2. As defined by the City of Duluth Parks and Rec, electric-assist bikes are allowed on COGGS trails or other natural surface trails in Duluth, as defined by the City of Duluth's e-bike policy statement.

  3. Trail features: The COGGS Trail system contains both natural and man-made features. Bridges as well as rocky terrain can present challenges. Don't exceed your capabilities. Play it safe. 

  4. Weather conditions: Terrain changes constantly due to weather and use. Please pay attention to moisture levels because wooden features become very slippery when wet. Trails DO close because of rain. See trail status here.

  5. Keep it under control: Always ride within your ability. If you are uncertain, please dismount and walk your bike.

  6. Trail Maintenance: If you see a downed tree, or a section of trail which needs maintenance, please contact us. You can also send us a note via the contact button above.

Share the Trails: Trail Etiquette

The trails are there for everyone’s enjoyment, and proper usage enhances the experience for all. Be a good citizen and follow proper etiquette; your fellow recreators will thank you!


  • Show courtesy to all other trail users.

  • Be alert and anticipate other trail users.

  • Expect to see faster moving bikes on multi-use trails. Slower traffic move right.

  • Slow down and use voice or a bell at blind corners and short sight lines.

  • Announce the size of your group when passing others. (i.e. "Two more riders back")

  • Establish communication early. Nobody likes to be startled. Especially dogs and horses.

  • Avoid blocking the trail; move off to the side of the trail when you stop.

  • Bikers yield to hikers and runners. Everyone yields to horses - common along the DWP and Amity Creek trails.

  • When trails are busy slow down. Be prepared to stop.

  • Pass in a safe and friendly manner.

  • Users traveling downhill should yield to uphill users.

  • Be a Good Samaritan. If you see someone having trouble on the trail, check in with them.

  • Don’t go rogue; ride only official, signed trails in the Twin Ports.

  • Leave no trace; bring your trash home with you.

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.

  • Don’t ride when trails are closed. Ignoring this rule costs COGGS precious volunteer time and resources. Always check the COGGS trail feed.

Summer & Winter Trail Use

We ride year-round. Trails typically close for a bit in the spring and the late fall due to moisture. Once the ground is dry, or frozen, trails open up again. In the winter there are groomed trails across Duluth. 

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